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Domaine Au Point du Jour

Eric Durand

Winzer · Weinkellerei · Gutsbetrieb

chemin de Gobelet 4
1185 Mont-sur-Rolle

Telefon *  021 825 16 61 Fax 021 825 48 18 Website www.vins-au-point-du-jour.ch

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Heute 10:00 – 12:00
Montag – Freitag geschlossen
Samstag 10:00 – 12:00
Sonntag geschlossen

Während der Feiertage geschlossen. Du lundi au vendredi: uniquement sur rendez vous.


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Domaine Au Point du Jour

English Version

The Domaine au Point du Jour is located below the town of Mont-sur-Rolle, 300 m from Lake Geneva.

Founded in 1924, this vineyard human scale remained an exclusively family estate. Winemakers from father to son, we grow the vines in traditional method, while adapting constantly to technological developments. A cellar was created in 1963 in order to produce the wine in better conditions. It consists of coated steel tanks and oak.

For generations, it is important for us to respect the surrounding wildlife. All our wines are produced according to ecological methods certified by the Vitiswiss label. Our vineyards are cultivated in a "mid-high" system to promote weed and mechanization of labor. We also make sure to limit production in order to obtain only quality wines.

Each year, we are so excited to offer our customers a range of wines with varied and interesting varieties, composed of white, red and sparkling. At Dawn, we are also proud to cultivate rare and precious varieties such as Auxerrois. Some have also received awards on the occasion of tasting contest.

In addition, we are pleased to introduce our wines during tastings for amateurs. To do this, simply arrange an appointment. Then we will present the history of our area and you will taste 3-5 wines.

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