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Description and special features

localsearch is the leading marketing and sales partner for Swiss SMEs and, with local.ch and search.ch, capitalises on the most popular Swiss information and directory service for finding addresses, telephone numbers and extensive company information with ease – on the web, the mobile app and in the printed telephone book (Local Guide). local.ch and search.ch together record over 7.3 million hits per month from various devices (unique clients) on their online service and more than 42 million visits (number of contacts). The apps from local.ch and search.ch are some of Switzerland's most popular apps. More information is available at 
www.localsearch.ch. localsearch, local.ch and search.ch are Swisscom Directories AG brands, 69% of which is owned by Swisscom and 31% by Tamedia.

local.ch is the platform for finding addresses, telephone numbers and extensive information about local companies and services. On local.ch, users reserve a table in their favourite restaurant, check the opening hours of a pharmacy in their area, block unsolicited advertising calls in the apps, see the nearest ATMs on the map or just find the telephone number of a neighbour. local.ch supports Switzerland in everyday life when looking for information from home and on-the-go simply and accurately.
The services from local.ch are online at www.local.ch and i.local.ch (mobile version), as an app for iOS, Android and Windows10, and as the printed Local Guide. local.ch is the official telephone book of Switzerland.

For over 20 years, search.ch, Switzerland’s search and information service, offers targeted, quick and easy information and services for daily planning and organisation in business and private life. search.ch focusses on relevant information. The platform combines various data sources into one unique, need-based content. Among other things, users on search.ch find a telephone directory, an interactive map of Switzerland, a route planner, local weather for over 3,000 locations and the public transportation timetable in a clear, simple design – independent of the terminal device and available to all free of charge.
The live search feed on the search.ch app is a special service where you can find time and place specific information about your current location.

We are looking for dedicated personalities who want to tap their potential and take responsibility for their own success.
Find out more: www.localsearch.ch/jobs

Directory advertising
Two out of three Swiss use local.ch and search.ch when they are looking for information. A prominent directory listing is indispensable if you would like to be found.
Find out more: www.localsearch.ch

Your personal online presence
A modern website is optimised for smartphones and easy to find by search engines. We’ll do the work for you and create a professional website in a short amount of time.
Find out more: www.localsearch.ch 

Localina for restaurants
With Localina, you make it possible for your guests to reserve a table online. The management in an electronic reservation book saves you lots of time.
Find out more: www.localsearch.ch


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Value for Money Customer Service Quality

Meldung von AdressÄnderungen zu Telefonnummer an Swisscom

Idiotisch, dass eine Adressänderung einer Telefonnummer nun nicht mehr nur bei der Swisscom, sondern auch bei der Firma 'für Telefonbücher' gemeldet werden muss.

Die Zuverlässigkeit der Angaben ist also nicht gegeben.

8. May 2017, globi.maa
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Value for Money Customer Service Quality


Einfach perfekt :-)

6. March 2017, Gökhan Elvant
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Value for Money Customer Service Quality



27. January 2017, Serkan