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Laboratory in Bellinzona

Laboratory in Bellinzona, recommended by local.ch

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Laboratory in Bellinzona: 20 Entries

Collegio Papio

Via delle Cappelle 1, 6612 Ascona
CollegePrivate school
Choosing the Collegio Papio

The identity aspect of the Papal College is in fact guaranteed by the concern to introduce young people to a knowledge of the world, of life and of man, in which the spiritual dimension finds its place. Recurrences such as Christmas and Easter are emphasized with significant meetings that help students to reflect on issues such as solidarity with poor countries, the suffering of peoples at war, etc... Collegio Papio was founded in 1584 by Cardinal Carlo Borromeo thanks to a legacy bequeathal by Bartolomeo Papio, a patrician from Ascona who went Rome. The centuries-old history of the College has been very eventful; many different religious orders have succeeded each other in its running over the years, the last of which were the Benedictines of Einsiedeln (1924-1964) who ended the long papal era. In fact, in 1965, the College passed to the Diocese of Lugano. The origins of the present scholastic structure date back to the 1920s, when the Benedictine Fathers of Einsiedeln gave new impetus to the College and succeeded in obtaining the organisation of the Federal Secondary School ("Matura") Examination in Locarno. Currently the Collegio Papio has an equalized middle school and a high school that prepares for the Swiss Baccalaureate Examination. For some years now, it has also been offering a preparation course for the Passerella exam, aimed at students who have obtained the Professional Maturity Certificate and intend to continue their studies at university. The College also offers a personalized curriculum for talents, be they sportsmen, musicians or others. The only school in Canton Ticino to offer both male and female internships, the College has extended its schedule in recent years to also cover weekends, thus meeting the needs of the growing number of foreign students. In addition to the ancient parts of the structure, the Renaissance cloister and the seventeenth-century garden, the Collegio has added modern facilities for the benefit of students including a swimming pool, gym and technologically advanced science laboratory classrooms. The educational vanguard of the College is guaranteed not only by a qualified and continuously trained teaching staff, but also by a good supply of scientific and computer instruments and an exclusive range of offers: early English at the Middle School, language exchanges at private schools in the French and German-speaking area, international language certificates, participation in study weeks organized by the Science and Youth Foundation, Kangourou mathematics competitions, etc.. An offer, therefore, that stimulates talent, but also supported by support tools such as assisted studies, the time of introduction to the study and the Tutor in ninth grade. The Collegio Papio Foundation, established in 2008, guarantees the management of the company with careful financial, marketing and scholarship management, which ensures that families with low incomes also attend the Collegio. Particular attention is paid to the management of the staff; periodic individual interviews are aimed at fostering individual development and the consequently enrichment of the group. The Foundation is also engaged in infrastructure improvement; the start of the next school year will see the opening of the New Wing comprising kitchen and canteen facilities.

Rating 4.3 of 5 stars from 4 ratings

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Alfredo Polti SA

Via Cantonale 7, 6543 Arvigo
GraniteQuarryFloor coverings wall coveringsStone sculpture works

The company Alfredo Polti SA, a typical family business, is active in the industrial sector of natural stone. It was founded by Alfredo Polti in 1950, with the launch, in Grono, of a workshop for the processing of the Gneiss Calanca. The pioneer was however Alfredo’s father, Giovanni Polti, who in 1920 was involved in the extraction and processing of the Gneiss Calanca in the quarries of Arvigo, where in 1960 Alfredo Polti transferred the entire production. The extraction of the stone from its own quarries and its elaboration in new and modern laboratories thus became two integrated phases of a single production process. The Gneiss Calanca extracted from the quarries Alfredo Polti SA is treated in modern laboratories, where expert stonemasons transform it manually or mechanically, thanks to the help of the most modern machines for working with stone. Moreover, part of the material is put on the market in the raw state, in the form of blocks, irregular or quadrangular slabs, or masonry stones. The available offer is vast and includes products for: • the substructure • the superstructure • the construction and furnishing of parks, gardens, squares and cemeteries • the creation of artifacts able to satisfy the most demanding dictates of modern architecture of exteriors and interiors. About 90% of production is destined for the Swiss domestic market. The remainder is exported, in particular to Germany, Italy, Austria and France. In many cities of these countries you can admire important works realized with the Gneiss Calanca by Alfredo Polti SA produced in Arvigo. After the death of the founder Alfredo Polti, the company was taken over by: Giovanni Polti, who takes care of the extraction and production processes and Vania Polti Ambrosini, who guarantees administrative management. Since 2013, Alfredo Polti SA remains the only active quarry in the Calanca valley. Most of Alfredo Polti SA's collaborators have many years of service in the company, synonymous with experience and professionalism at the service of customers. Since May 2007 the company is ISO 9001 certified.

Rating 4.4 of 5 stars from 7 ratings

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