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Tarot readerin Lugano

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Tarot reader in Lugano

15 Entries

Medium Alexander

6500 Bellinzona
MediumTarot readerClairvoyants
Alexander Medium

Alexander MediumI am Alexander, a psychic medium with the ability to detect past, present and future situations through my angelic entities. By chance a few years ago I realised that I also possessed something more important in my ability to observe people. I could detect in them, unpleasant situations they were experiencing, but not only that. I could also see the good things they were going through. With many of them I wanted to expose myself by making predictions, and with great pleasure and surprise, they saw that they were very impressed by my words, dare I say shocked, also because of many of them I did not know what they were going through. By word of mouth, I started receiving more and more calls from people seeking help in understanding their life events. I am here to help you get a clearer view of your life in past, present and future events. Through my angelic entities, I can provide you with valuable information and useful advice to overcome difficult situations or to improve your life path. You will not need to answer my questions, you will find confirmation in what I tell you. Through my angels, I can offer you accurate and compassionate guidance so that you can make informed choices for your future. I am here to help and support you through life's challenges and help you achieve happiness and inner peace. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information on how I can help you in your life.

CHF 2.00/min
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