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Mikado Sushi

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Boulevard Georges-Favon 4
1204 Genève
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10:00 – 19:00
Lunedì – Venerdì
10:00 – 19:00
Sabato – Domenica

Descrizione & particolarità

Mikado : La finesse de la cuisine japonaise chez vous

In February 1979, Mikado opened the first Japanese restaurant and catering service in Geneva. With a unique craftsmanship, Mikado offers a wide variety of product that meets both Japanese culinary tradition while leaving it free to create new culinary compositions.

You can enjoy authentic nigiri, hosomaki, sashimi, chirashi or delicious Japanese salads (seaweed, fish and vegetables). The hot food assortment are particularly varied: They consist especially of delicious yakitori chicken skewers, salmon teriyaki, tasty steam dumplings and fried chicken wings marinated in ginger. Classics dessert such as Japanese daifuko, mikasayama or our homemade ice cream (red bean, green tea, ginger, sesame) will conclude your meal nicely.

Mikado offers a catering service for business and individuals. It offers menus and customized platters according to your tastes and desires for banquets, weddings, receptions and events.

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